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”While important NGO's and the United Nations call for broader aid and solidarity, the media is flooded
with propaganda painting a picture of overwhelming numbers of refugees flooding certain countries. Ad
hoc declarations about allegedly safe third countries are made, the right to family reunification restricted,
there are demands to limit the number of refugees as well as public political statements uttered that illegal
border crossings should be prevented through the use of gunfire. This swing to the right in the political
discourse strenghtens all those who take to the streets as „worried citizens“ and who openly display
racism through slogans that are inhumane and full of hate. We cannot accept this!“
[Bündnis für bedingungsloses Bleiberecht / Campaign for an unconditional right to stay]
Schwach supports the campaign for an unconditional right to stay. We demand that everyone should be
allowed to stay here without restrictions and conditions. We want everyone to be able to move without the
restrictions of borders and to be able to freely choose their place of residence where they like it – no
matter if they fled for political or economic reasons. We don't support the division into those who can stay
because their causes of flight were war and those who fled for economical reasons and have to leave!



Wieder ein Schiff gesunken
wieder etliche ertrunken
nicht mehr wert als eine Randnotiz
etwas wovor man die Augen verschließt
Trauer heucheln und sich nicht zuständig fühlen
sich weiter darum zu bemühen
das Asylrecht zu verschärfen
mit unmenschlichen Gesetzen um sich werfen

Das Mittelmeer ein Massengrab
feiert nur weiter diesen Staat
„Das Boot ist voll“-Mentalität
ist das was dieses Land prägt

Hogesa, AFD und Pegida
reih´dich ein, besorgter Bürger
feiert nur weiter diese Nation
but we will Fight gegen Deportation

We will fight, we will fight

Das Mittelmeer ein Massengrab
feiert nur weiter diesen Staat but

We will fight, we will fight

und halten es wie ...but alive
für eine realistische Menschlichkeit


from Kein Bock, released October 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Schwach Berlin, Germany

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